Though Karnataka produces more milk than it consumes, Bengaluru alone was receiving more than 10 lakh litres of substandard milk from neighbouring states, said Cooperation Minister Bandeppa Kashempur on Thursday.

Kashempur was replying to Congress MLC S Ravi, during the discussion on the budget in the Legislative Council. He said that steps would be taken to regulate the same.

The minister said that Karnataka produced around 84 lakh litres of milk everyday. Of this, only 34 lakh litres of milk was sold.

Kashempur further said that Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy on Wednesday had held a meeting with representatives of all the 14 milk unions who had given three to four proposals to draw up marketing strategies to improve the sales of milk by focusing more on the production of milk byproducts.

“The chief minister has responded positively,” he added.

Earlier, Ravi said that the milk prices had come down by Rs 3 per litre, and sought the government’s intervention.

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