Your life would seem incomplete if you don’t have relationships. Be it parents, siblings, cousins, friends, colleagues and spouse etc every relationship is important. As every relationship has importance in life so we need to take care of them. Amongst all friendship is the most amazing relationship. If you want to have good friends in life then you need to be equally good. Although there are no specific rules for friendship but there are few things which everyone needs to imbibe. We have mentioned the common rules of friendship. Check out these five rules of friendship that everyone should follow.


There is no sense of changing a friend as your way. Accept your friends as they are. Friendship does not mean to create a mirror copy of yours. You should be open to understand their nature and habits and love them for the same.


A true friend is one who always wants good of his or her friends. He can tell lies to please friends but this behaviour won’t help them to grow. It is not asked to hurt them but express your opinion in such a way that will help them to understand their mistakes.


Trust is the important aspect of friendship. As your friends trust you hence they take your advice and share their secrets. But once you break that trust that cannot be built again. So, never betray your friends if they trust you.


Those who stay in your life for material or monetary benefits cannot be called your friends. True friends are selfless. They are in your life for no benefits. If you ask them for help they will help you without expecting anything in return.


They also motivate you to do better in your life. When someone is your true friend, he or she will not judge you for the failures. In spite of discouraging you, they always boost you up with pep talks. They always show confidence in you when you feel low.

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