Almost every other day a drug addict student goes to the OPD of Gurugram civil

Almost every other day a drug addict student goes to the OPD of Gurugram civil hospital for treatment. Parents have blamed the unhealthy environment in the educational institutions responsible for drugs and liquor addiction.

Keeping this in mind, the State Council of Educational Research and Training Haryana has conducted a survey across the state and found that parents or any other family members are addicted to liquor, tobacco and drugs are responsible for attracting children into consumption.

During the survey among 33,460 students of classes 9 to 12, 42.13 per cent boys and 39.45 per cent girls have admitted that one or more than one of their family members are addicted to liquor, tobacco or narcotic drugs.

Alarmingly, 13.13 pe cent boys and 3.31 per cent girls admitted that they consume narcotic drugs and liquor regularly. They are by and large learning bad habits at home.
The situations in major cities is even worse with 17.59 per cent boys and 4.5 per cent girls in Gurugram and 16.54 per cent boys and 3.98 per cent girls in Faridabad are regularly consuming narcotic drugs and liquors.

Brahm Deep Sindhu, a psychiatrist of Gurugram civil hospital said: “Parents should keep tabs on their children and they should hold regular dialog with them over issues they are facing. They should attend parent-teacher meeting regularly to get a feedback about the behaviour of their children in school. Sometimes, teenage students go into depression due to unsolved issues that make them choose wrong paths and in some cases they established friendship with strangers and fall into drug addiction.” The survey was based on questions, including how to deal with stress and tension.

A total of 14.42 per cent students across Haryana said they are consuming liquor or taking drugs to deal with stress while 4.13 per cent students are using tobacco products as stress busters. Haryana has a tradition of consuming hookah on special occasions like marriage functions, birthday parties and other special occasions sending a wrong social message.

Jyoti Choudhary, director of SCERT Gurugram said: “Following the survey, we have recommended schools to identify those students having symptoms of drug or liquor addiction. We have asked the principals to form a special cell in the school and initiate counselling of such students and educate them about good and bad habits.”

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