PM Modi’s Make in India campaign will get a big push if Apple manufactures its iPhone in the country. Progress towards making it happen is underway. When Tim Cook was in India last year, he even met top government officials to find an amicable solution to get the project going.

They have already been exempted from the condition which stated that they had to source components locally and the recent retail guidelines have paved the way for original Apple stores to be set up in the country.

But this week, Apple has reportedly sent out its list of demands, which if met, will give them the impetus to locally manufacture the iPhone.
Here’s a look at what Apple wants to Make in India.

Will They, Won’t They

These demands have been made to the government. However, the ministry is yet to discuss the matter and come up with an answer. It’ll be interesting to see if PM Modi & Co give in to these demands. But in the long run, it leaves them susceptible to demands from other companies, or even industrial bodies.

(Source: Indian Express)

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