Hyderabad: Artificial Intelligence has come to the aid of persons with low or no vision to identify currency notes. Microsoft has enhanced the capabilities of its Seeing AI, which already detects currencies like Euro, US and Canadian dollars and pound, to identify Indian currency too.

The App identifies all currency notes in circulation, including the ones issued last year. Seeing AI is an aggregation of artificial intelligence and computer vision to describe the world, including people, text, objects, colours and currencies for users with visual impairment.

Currency notes are difficult to identify because of their varying sizes.
“People with low or no vision are known to fold these notes up in different shapes to be able to recognise them. But they still need help to differentiate the denominations before folding. Seeing AI brings this power to the users’ fingertips,” said Microsoft in a statement on Wednesday.

This app is available only for iOS users and in 56 countries and is not yet available for android users.

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