In Beyhadh , Maya (Jennifer Winget) is in trouble because of Ashwin. As we revealed earlier, Ashwin wants to reunite with Jhanvi as he wants Maya’s property. Jhanvi reveals to Maya, that Ashwin wants to stay with them, but Maya doesn’t want to accept them. When Jhanvi decides to leave Maya, the latter locks Jhanvi in a room.Jhanvi decides to die with Ashwin as Maya will not accept them. Ashwin pushes Jhanvi into water and thinks she is dead. Maya reaches the bridge on time and rushes to save Jhanvi, but in turn gets hurt.
Meanwhile Arjun too reaches the spot. Seeing Arjun, Ashwin jumps into the water and acts like saving Maya. Arjun is shocked to see Maya hurt and takes her to the hospital.Arjun tells Saanjh that he cannot live without Maya, while the latter consoles Arjun. Saanjh will be seen praying for Maya as she doesn’t want to see Arjun in pain.The doctor declares that Maya is out of danger. Meanwhile, Ashwin sends Jhanvi out and tries to kill Maya! Seeing Arjun in the ward, Ashwin stops!On the other hand, Saanjh is upset and her father decides to send Saanjh to his friend’s place.According to the latest spoiler, Ashwin blackmails Maya that he would reveal about her neurotic behaviour to Arjun. Fearing that Ashwin might reveal the truth to Arjun, Maya accepts Jhanvi and Ashwin. She also organises a party on their parent’s reunion. During the function, Arjun will propose Maya and the duo get engaged!Saanjh will be complete shattered and Ayaan will be seen helping Saanjh to overcome the heart break! Also, Saanjh will get into trouble as Maya will get to know that Saanjh loves Arjun.


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