As Day II of the task ‘Solar System’ kick-starts, Manu, Manveer and Bani are asked to walk on the third orbit and soon after the task begins, Manu pushes Bani and empties her bowl of water. As a result, Bani is out of the task and Manu and Manveer become the contenders for the ticket to finale. Although we think that it was highly unfair on Manu’s part, Bani, equally agitated, abuses Manu and accuses him of cheating because the three had collectively decided that no one will push the other.

But like it’s said, the show must go on and as part of the ticket to finale , Manu and Manveer get an opportunity to visit the mall outside the house and appeal for votes and whoever gets the maximum votes will get a straight entry into the finale week.
As Manu and Manveer enter the mall, the mall is chock-a-block and everyone is shouting their names. But wait a second, Manveer deserves a special mention as the girls went crazy for him and were seen planting kisses on his cheek. Lucky dude, Manveer! As Manu and Manveer are standing inside a cage, there are two ballots placed in front of them and the junta is supposed to vote for them.

But clearly, Manveer and Manu are no longer commoners as the outpour of love was unprecedented and we are sure, even they didn’t know that they are no less than a celebrity now. But while Manu and Manveer were appealing for votes, Lopa, Bani, Rohan, Nitibha and Mona were punished by Bigg Boss as they were snapped sleeping during the day. As part of the punishment, they were given a bowl containing rice and dal and they were required to separate rice and dal from the bowl.

After coming back to the Bigg Boss house, an overwhelmed Manu and Manveer couldn’t stop narrating whatever happened in the mall. But after all the masti, it was time to count their votes and clearly, Manveer got more votes than Manu and therefore, Manveer became the first contestant to enter the finale week. Well deserved, Manveer!


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