West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Sunday, 3 February, extended her support to Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar, who has been summoned by the CBI in connection with Rose Valley and Saradha ponzi scams, accusing the BJP leadership of pursuing political vendetta.

Banerjee’s statement had come earlier on Sunday, 3 February, before news reached her that a group of CBI officials, who had turned up outside Kumar’s house to allegedly question him about the two scams, had been detained by the Kolkata police.

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The IPS officer, who led a Special Investigation Team of West Bengal Police probing the scams, had not been responding to notices to appear before the agency, the officials told PTI on Saturday, 2 February.

‘How Dare You Come Without Warrant’

Having rushed to the scene of action outside Kumar’s residence, Banerjee declared a ‘Save the Constitution’ dharna, saying that the CBI officials hadn’t even procured a warrant- the standard procedure- to enter the police commissioner’s house for questioning.

“How dare you come to a police commissioner’s home without a warrant?…it is my job to protect my officers,” NDTV quoted Mamata as saying.

Mamata at Kolkata Top Cop’s House After Police Detains CBI Team

‘Ajit Doval Whatever PM Wants Him to Do’

Lashing out at the Narendra Modi-led BJP, she alleged that National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, who gives orders to the CBI, was “doing whatever the Prime Minister wants him to do.”

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‘BJP Targeting TMC For Mega Opp Rally’

Banerjee further stated that the CBI officials had been sent to Kumar’s house, by the BJP- due to the latter’s aim to “target” the TMC for organizing a mega opposition rally against the BJP in January, the NDTV report said.

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‘Police Commissioner Among Best in the World’

Banerjee also defended Kumar, claiming that he was “among the best in the world” and that although the CBI had alleged that Kumar was absconding on Saturday, he had actually taken a one-day leave.

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(With inputs from PTI and NDTV)

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