A three minute video clip that appears to be from Bulandshahr surfaced recently, seemingly capturing the rowdy uncontrollable mob that attacked police officials on Monday, 3 December, revealing the possible attack on inspector Subodh Kumar.

While the veracity of the video cannot be established, the chain of events and location of the video appears to be identical to the developments that engulfed Bulandshahr on Monday.

What the Video has Captured

The crowd in the video can be seen running amok, pelting stones and targeting the policemen on a stretch resembling the previous visuals from the spot in Bulandshahr, where the alleged clashes between policemen and the mob took place.

The latest visuals of the clashes can be seen at 3:52 in this video where the mob was seen attacking the police officials. The video also shows an injured local boy being rescued after getting shot at 4:15.

The killing of Inspector Subodh Kumar and 20-year-old civilian Sumit are possibly linked, the video suggests, reported NDTV.

In the video, it is seen that Inspector Kumar could have been attacked after firing on the unruly mob crowd, in order to contain the situation.

FIR Filed Against Cow Slaughter in Bulandshahr Names Two Minors

However, towards the final few seconds in the video, an injured cop is seen lying in the field.

The video also shows a local man, possibly Sumit – based on the similarities in physical appearance, participating and attacking the policemen by being an active participant of the mob.

Sumit is seen with a wound in his chest in the video as well. In the following seconds, the angered mob is seen shouting, acknowledging that the gun shots have been fired.

The video attests to the claims of crowd attacking the police as at several points in video, the mob is shouting, “maaro, maaro” and abusing the police officials.

The violence erupted following the alleged recovery of animal carcasses that the Bajrang Dal claimed were of cows.

Bajrang Dal Leader Main Accused

The Uttar Pradesh Police on Tuesday, 4 December, has named Bajrang Dal leader Yogesh Raj as the main accused along with BJP youth wing member Shikhar Agrawal and VHP member Upendra Raghav, in the Bulandshahr violence that took place a day before.

They arrested three persons in connection with the violence in the district that led to the deaths of two, including a police inspector.

Meanwhile, the police have registered two FIRs naming 27 people and mentioning 60 unnamed people. While one FIR has been filed against the alleged cattle slaughter, the other one has been registered against the violent protests which followed.

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