Meryl Streep’s winning speech at the Golden Globe Awards stormed the whole world. She spoke against the President-elect Donald Trump and people on social media couldn’t stop applauding the legendary actor. Many people questioned Bollywood celebrities on why they will never speak up and criticised the award ceremonies for just being a sheer source of entertainment, nothing more. One of the actors who spoke up and received brickbats was Aamir Khan for his intolerant comment last year. The actor was bashed badly by people on social media. Today, at the Dangal press conference, Aamir was asked if Indian celebs will ever get the liberty that Meryl Streep got in her speech against Donald Trump.
To which the megastar stated, “All of us have responsibilities, whether you are a celebrity or not a celebrity. You have responsibilities towards the society. We all should work towards society. We can’t only expect celebrities to take up the cause and work for it. All of us have to do that. Each one has one role to play in the society.” Here’s the video.

“We can’t expect only celebrities to work upon a cause, all of us ought to play a role”- #Aamir speaks in favour of #MerylStreep’s speech!

– pinkvilla (@pinkvilla) January 12, 2017


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