CBSE Class 10 and 12 Board Exams begin today. This is the time for some serious studies, but you should not forget one basic fact: That examinations are a time of celebration, not stress. Enjoy the learning process, and this will never let you down.

HT Education’s counsellor, Dr Jitendra Nagpal, programme director of Expressions India, The National Life Skills, Value Education and School Wellness Programme and incharge, Institute of Child Development and Adolescent Health, Moolchand Medcity, gives you some basic tips on what you should keep in mind while writing the paper:


Have a light but adequate breakfast.

Check if you are carrying all the necessary things: pens, pencils, geometry box, and hall ticket. A checklist of all items is essential.

Leave for the examination centre well in advance, check the notice board in the centre to see where your room is.

Avoid people who panic, wait in a place which is peaceful, calm.

Go to the toilet before entering the examination hall.

Take deep breaths, making a suggestion or a prayer that you do well and relax.


Don’t skip breakfast, hunger can be distracting

Avoid negative thoughts, for example ‘I have not prepared well’, ‘I may fail in this examination’ or ‘I have not covered all the portions’.

Avoid revising things just before entering the examination hall.

So here’s that moment you’ve been waiting for. wish you all the best for your papers.

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