Ending a search that lasted almost 26 years, celebrity chef Vikas Khanna on 11 June tweeted that he had been reunited with the Muslim family that had saved his life during the 1992 riots that had ravaged Mumbai.

In an earlier interview, Khanna had revealed that since 1992, he would fast for one day during the month on Ramzan in honour of the family.

In an interview with Anupam Kher for Republic TV last year, Khanna detailed the events that took place during the riots, and his tryst with the family.

Khanna was a trainee in the kitchens of Hotel Sheraton Sea Rock, when the riots engulfed the streets of Mumbai.
He was stuck in the hotel for sometime, when he came to know of the situation in Ghatkopar, where buildings were being set on fire.

Khanna’s brother then lived in Ghatkopar, and fearing for his safety, Khanna set out to find his brother.

New to the city, he was left wandering about the streets for over two and half hours, when he came across a Muslim family, who ushered him into their house in a bid to save him from a mob hardly few meters away.

The mob too rushed into the house, and questioned the family about Khanna. The father immediately answered that Khanna was his son, and the mob left. Khanna recalls having spent two days in their house, living amongst the strangers who had saved his life.

Meanwhile, a relative from the household left to Ghatkopar to find Khanna’s brother’s whereabouts, and returned with the news of his well-being, putting Khanna at ease.

Now having tracked down the family, Khanna took to Twitter to announce that he would be breaking his fast with the family this Ramzan.

On 12 June, presumably after having shared an Iftar meal with the family, Khanna tweeted:

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