#ComicBytes: Five relatively unknown weaknesses of Thanos

2019 is here and there is only one thing on every Marvel movie fan’s mind. How are the Avengers going to defeat Thanos in Endgame?

The Mad Titan is literally a God with the Infinity Gauntlet, right?

However, Thanos still has a set of weaknesses and we hope some of them are exploited in battle on-screen.

Without delay, here are five weaknesses of Thanos.

Fallen prey to an unknown disease

Thanos is apparently an immortal but in the comics, he was shown as a victim of an unnamed illness.

At first, the disease only makes him weaker, but soon begins to have more harmful effects.

Not only is Thanos unable to find a cure, but as word about his illness spreads, Marvel villains try to gain ultimate power by defeating him at his weakest.

Taking the Infinity Gauntlet away from him easily

Thanos is powerful even without the Infinity Gauntlet, but it is the Gauntlet that makes him truly unstoppable.

In comics, however, when Thanos becomes one with the universe due to the Gauntlet, he is rendered immobile in the transformative state.

During this time, his consciousness answers cosmic questions and is distracted or zoned out. It would be immensely easy to take the Gauntlet away.

The father falls in the hands of his own son

Thanos has several off-springs who are his own flesh and blood. Yet, there is none so infamous as his son Thane.

Thane takes after his father in the ruthless desire of dominating the galaxy. Obsessed with defeating his own father, Thane has faced Thanos numerous times.

In one such encounter, he imprisoned Thanos in a cell, ‘the living death’, proving Thane’s power over Thanos.

The real power of Drax the Destroyer

Guardians of the Galaxy introduced Drax who blamed Thanos for Ronan murdering his wife and family. While Drax could not defeat Ronan on screen, in comics he is much more powerful.

Built to destroy Thanos, Drax is the human spirit of Arthur Douglas merged into a powerful body.

In the Annihilation comics, Drax tore out his heart which we will hopefully see in Endgame.

Feeling unworthy of victory is biggest weakness of Thanos

The greatest weakness of Thanos is ultimately himself.

The Mad Titan with all his powers doesn’t consider himself worthy of victory. He knows deep down that he does not deserve to rule the cosmos.

Adam Warlock mentions to Thanos in The Infinity Gauntlet series that he ‘subconsciously supplied the means’ to his own defeat.

His pained expression confirms his self-loathing and desire to lose.

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