The people of India have identified the Congress party as the Sultanate of corruption, Union Minister, Smriti Irani said.

The Congress’ attempt to divert attention from their own scams and misdeeds will not work as the people of India have seen through them repeatedly and comprehensively rejected the Congress’ ‘Sultanate of corruption’,’ Irani said in a statement issued by the BJP.

She said Congress should first resolve its internal strife before taking up the challenge of governing a country.

‘The Congress party is advised to manage its own house, which is falling like a pack of cards.
In Bihar, they insulted a Dalit leader and the state unit indulged in petty fights. In Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and several other places key leaders are unhappy. A party that can’t manage its own house can hardly be expected to run an entire nation,’ she further stated.

Instead of engaging in political activity, Rahul Gandhi should devote time to Amethi, his Lok Sabha seat which needs immediate attention and more development works. The people of Amethi are asking for ‘Vikas’ even as the local MP goes around the nation mocking ‘Vikas’ and insulting the poor of India,’ Irani said.

The Congress will suffer a ‘historic defeat’ in the upcoming assembly polls in Gujarat after Rahul ‘insulted’ the people of the state. The manner in which Rahul Gandhi has made fun of the dreams and aspirations of the people of Gujarat will lead to a historic defeat for the Congress party in the state election,’ Irani also said.

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