Mumbai: Ever since the teaser of Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma’s upcoming session on Koffee With Karan emerged, there’s been a lot of speculation surrounding Kat’s revelation on Varun and Arjun’s ‘I hate Katrina’ club.

However, seems like Kat, who was in a particularly candid mood, revealed the real reason behind the club’s inception, and believe it or not, it could have something to with Salman Khan!

The reason, if true, could be the most hilarious coup in recent times.

“As kids we all have been part of secret clubs at some point or another brought together by a shared interest.
But the origins of Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor’s ‘I Hate Katrina club’ has a funnier beginning than any of us could ever imagine. It all began when Katrina was taking a walk on Bandstand with a bunch of friends including Varun, Arjun and Salman. Salman caught Varun ‘checking’ Katrina out and boy, did Varun get a firing from Salman on that. And that is what prompted the birth of this special club with its only two members, Varun and Arjun,” a leading daily quoted a source as saying.

Well, well, no sane person would want to mess with Bhai now, will they?

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