Varun Patra, co-founder of media company Homegrown, has been accused of sexual assault by an anonymous survivor.

The allegations that surfaced on Thursday, 3 January, accused Patra of secretly recording the audio of their sexual encounter and of going against the survivor’s consent during the act.

The events of the incident and screenshots with Patra’s admission to the accusations were posted by an Instagram user Priyanka Paul on behalf of the survivor.

In her account the survivor wrote that the incident happened on 11 November, but it took her some time to speak about it and “not feel ashamed” of what had happened.

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She recounts the night and says, “Towards the end of the night, we went to my room and had sex, in the middle of which he felt the need to stick his fingers in my ass. I told him not to do it, and he did it anyway, 3 times. I brushed it off as miscommunication but I shouldn’t have.”

She further recalls that she saw Patra stop an audio recording on his phone. In her account, the survivor wrote:

According to the account, Patra admitted to recording women while indulging in sexual activities after the #MeToo accusations.

When confronted on text by the survivor, he said he did it in order to “protect” himself from being wrongly accused of sexual misconduct.

Calling Patra’s image of a progressive feminist “laughable”, the survivor wrote that he doesn’t deserve to hold the place he holds in the society.

The survivor also wrote that she thought of Patra as one of the few guys who understood women’s hardships before the incident happened and that later she realised he just excels at the “feminist woke boy lingo”.

Patra Issues Clarification

Reacting to the allegations, Varun Patra, in a Facebook post, said that he never audio recorded the act to harm anyone physically or mentally, but only did it after the fear of being wrongly accused.

He, however, said that he understands what he did was wrong and that he can only take responsibility for his “hasty” decision now.

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Scribe Accuses Patra of Inappropriate Behaviour

After the allegations, Neha Mathews, a journalist, also tweeted on Patra’s behaviour she and her male friend encountered once.

“I honestly expected nothing from a man who thinks it’s okay to stuff his face in my hair and stub his cigarette on my friend when he’s drunk,” Mathews tweeted.

This comes after multiple cases of sexual misconduct were called out under the MeToo movement in India and many talking in support of it initially also faced accusations.

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