A woman committed suicide on Friday, 8 June, in Hyderabad after prolonged depression over financial losses drove her to take the extreme step, her suicide note alleged.

According to Bangalore Mirror, Sushma, a resident of Vizag, had been employed as a share market trader in Mumbai for the last five years, and had come to Hyderabad on 6 June, where she checked in to a hotel.

The hotel staff reportedly grew suspicious on Saturday afternoon after they noted that she had not come out of her room ever since she had checked in.
Multiple unanswered calls later, they informed the police, who broke into her room to find her hanging.

In her suicide note addressed to her parents, Sushma had reportedly said that she took her life as she could not “face (my) clients who had reposed a lot of faith in (me).”

She also said that she had been under medication for over a year owing to her depression, but the pills had only given her temporary relief.

She also wrote asking her parents to donate her organs to those in need.

A case has been registered, and the Hyderabad Police are investigating.

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