There have been several reports of a cold war between Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. But all is in the past and both the superstars are cordial with each other. Aamir’s recently released film Dangal has had a great impact on the audience as well as the box-office. Many celebrities went on to applaud the film on their Twitter accounts. One of Aamir’s closest friends in the industry – Salman Khan also loved the film and called it a better film than Lagaan. Today, at the post success Dangal press conference, Aamir was asked whether SRK has watched the film and has he called him up to talk about Dangal.
To which Mr Perfectionist said, “Shah Rukh hasn’t called me. Has he tweeted? I don’t know. So, I don’t think he has seen the film. I didn’t get any message from him.”

During SRK’s Twitter session, one of the users asked him, “How did you like Dangal ?” King Khan gave a reply stating, “Have been busy with work so haven’t seen it yet. Have promised Aamir will see it soon on a free day. It’s awesome like we all know”

When Aamir was told about this message, he stated, “I am looking forward to SRK seeing the film. I am glad.”

That’s sweet!


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