New York: In his first news conference after winning the US presidential election in November, US President-¬elect Donald Trump on Wednesday said he will be the greatest job producer that God ever created.

Trump said there will be a major border tax on companies who will set up factories outside US. On Mexico, he said US will build a wall and he won’t want to wait.

Attacking pharma industry for high drug prices and for manufacturing overseas, Trump said he will create new procedures for bidding on drugs.

“We will adopt new bidding procedures for pharmaceuticals, US will save billions of dollars,” he said.

Speaking on his alleged ties with Russia, Trump said, if Russian President Vladimir Putin likes Donald Trump, that’s an asset. It is not liability.

“I have no dealings in Russia, I have no loans in Russia… Russia will have far more respect for US when I will be leading it,” Trump said.

The statement comes amid reports that he is being influenced by Russia, which he denounced as ‘fake news.’

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