Hyderabad: A webpage of IIIT-Hyderabad, used for a research project, was hacked by an Indonesia hacker. The issue was reported by the twitter handle of Banbreach, a cyber security organisation. IIIT authorities soon brought down the site after the issue was reported.

According to the message on the webpage, an Indonesian defacer hacked the site http://anusaaraka.iiit.ac.in/drupal/fac.html and posted a message that read “Y0ur Syst3m Ju5t Pl4ce f0r Play1n9 0ur Pl4yers”.

“Research institutes have lot of servers on the internet for collaborations and it is opensourced.
It becomes a challenge to keep the software updated. Some-times when patches are not applied, hackers deface the websites. Regular hackers know all the vulnerabilities,” a cyber security expert said.

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