CHENNAI: Actor-activist Kamal Haasan remains ambivalent on an alliance or tie-up in politics with his long-time friend Rajinikanth. Kamal feels both should give much thought into whether their coming together is really necessary.

In his weekly column in the magazine Ananda Vikatan, Kamal spoke in detail on “bombardment of questions” at him and Rajinikanth on whether they would join hands in their political avatar and also revealed that he continues to seek “political advice” from Communist leader and Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

“Is there any chance of Rajini and Kamal coming together to face elections – this is the question that is thrown at us almost all the time.
To this question, Rajini has replied that only time can answer and I had seconded his statement. Really, only time can tell (whether we can come together) since both of us should launch our respective parties and announce our ideology. “Once it is done, we should see whether the ideologies match and hence a decision on this cannot be taken now.Moreover, both should think whether it (coming together) is necessary”, Kamal wrote in his column.

Kamal has been indicating that he was not too keen on joining hands with Rajinikanth in politics and his statement on Thursday just reinforces his thought on the crucial question as he prepares to take his political plunge later this month. And it is no secret that Kamal and Rajinikanth’s ideologies are poles apart from each other – the former is a rationalist and the latter a devout Hindu who has promised to practice “spiritual politics.” Kamal has also openly declared that his colour was “certainly not saffron” while Rajinikanth has not made any comments on his political ideology. Even on Thursday when reporters ambushed him here, he said, “Only time can tell” when asked to comment on Kamal’s statement.

Reconfirming his entry into politics, Kamal said he was ready to welcome righteous people, who are sidelined in existing political parties, to his fold but is quite cautious in selecting them.”There are people who are honest and sidelined or punished in their respective political parties. If such people come and knock at our doors, we will certainly welcome them with folded hands as I consider everyone who wants to create a ‘Good Tamil Nadu’ as my brothers”, Kamal said.

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