The two Punjabi music stars who are famous for their edgy style statement make their way to the eighth episode of Koffee with Karan. Making their debut on the Koffee couch, Diljit Dosanjh and Badshah talk about fashion, Bollywood and their journey to success! Here are the highlights of the episode!

1. Their Fan Boy Moments

Just like any of us, Diljit and Badshah too, have had their major fanboy moments! The two talk about the first time they met their favourite celebrities, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. Diljit even confessed that after he met Salman, he had a two-hour drive back home and could not stop looking at his picture with Salman.
When he didn’t stop looking at the picture even when he reached home, his mother offered to frame it and put it up.

2. Karan As An Over Excited Parent

Do you know those uncles who are just super and unbelievable-ly proud of their sons singing or rapping talent? And so, when there is a family gathering, they force their kid into singing in front of the whole family with the “Beta gaana gao”. In this episode of Koffee With Karan , Karan is that father, Badshah and Diljit are the sons and we are the family, more like audience members!

Karan asks the two pop stars to sing and free style for him and after they are done, he asks them to sing Ikk Kudi because it was his favourite song!

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3. The Fashion Quizz

Diljit and Badshah are known to be the most stylish music stars. They are also always spotted wearing most expensive fashion fads by international fashion houses. Karan Johar who is also known for his new taste in expensive fashion trends, decides to bring some of his clothes and quizz them about the brands of the clothing. Of course, this made the rest of us just feel, well.. poor.

a sneak peek here :

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4. Koffee Shots

Karan Johar has mastered the art of getting celebrities to answer awkward questions through the Koffee Shots games. During this game, Karan asks Diljit if he has ever made out with someone in a car or a farm. The singer couldn’t help but blush and take the shot.

5. Diljit’s Kylie Obsession

Talking about Diljit’s love life, the singer reveals that Kylie Jenner was his only love and that his song “Do you know” was written for her. Karan Johar even shows the audience some of Diljit’s social media posts wherein he professes his love for Kylie.

6. Badshah Is A ‘Salarukh’ Fan

Badshah talks about his first meeting with Shahrukh and Salman. He talks about how the two were extremely humble and courteous. Badshah also reveals that Shah rukh even served him biryani with his own hands and calls him extremely hospitable. Karan agrees and says,

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7. Badshah Rapid Fire

Badshah gets candid during the rapid fire round, as he calls Kartik Aryan as overrated actor and confesses that “doing songs for films like Baar Baar Dekho” is the one mistake he would never repeat in Bollywood!

8. English to Punjabi?

The Koffee Quiz becomes extremely complicated for Diljit as he claims that Karan’s English would be the death of him! During the quizz, Karan asks the rappers to translate Ed Sheeran’s popular song “Shape of You” in Punjabi. As Diljit begins to do this, Badshah interjects asking him to pick the correct word for “shape” and corrects him saying it is “akaar”, Diljit fights back as he corrects Badshah exclaiming that Akaar is a hindi word!

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