What would you do when you are heading to an important meeting and you realize you haven’t brought your laptop charger?

Your aged daddy is going to your sister’s place and needs to be seen off at the train station, it is your performance review today and you need someone to take him to the station and seat him in the train.

You are the next big start-up and you have an investor presentation shortly and have ruined your shirt while eating.

The startup, AnythingDelivered.in calls all the above-mentioned situations as AD moments and provides an immediate solution to them.

Founded in 2012, the startup identifies itself as the “best “version of hyper local delivery service- an on demand errands service and in 2012 they were the first of its kind in India.

“Never say no” is the team’s motto. Team AD promises to deliver anything that customers’ request (save tobacco and liquor of course!). The idea took seed when the company’s founder, Darshan Krishnasamy had to miss his flight because of forgetting his passport at home. Only if someone had delivered his passport to him, he would have made it. Darshan missed the flight and AD was born and hasn’t looked back since then.

The startup calls began its operations from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and now provides services in Chennai, Bangalore (commenced Jan 2017), Pondicherry. The company plans on expanding its operations to other cities first by establishing the business and then selling them as franchise units.

AD is not just limited to Indian subcontinent but also operates at an international level in Sri Lanka and Singapore. The startup is also planning on expanding to Malaysia, UAE, and Australia in 2017.

When we asked the founder, what was the AD mantra that makes them so successful in an industry which has seen many shut downs recently. Darshan asserts most of their success stemmed from the fact that they took 3 years to study the market and its challenges while on operation and had the courage to say no many tempting offers. The study and hands-on approach to the business has helped them to price their service right and focus on the quality of support.

Customer Errands

Everyday errands are inevitable and might seem a “normal” thing to do for many individuals but, there are occasions where we are unable to attend and that are when AD plays a role. It ranges from simply picking up a Laptop charger from the office to shopping a super man suit for the junior for a fancy dress competition.

The guys at AD are all vetted and are trained to handle customer requests and service them as if it is their own.


It is a sub-set of the errands program. The AD platform allows people to hire a temporary hand to help them with their tasks in hand for a fee. For instance, a business might need someone to come in to help in distributing flyers for a day, someone to look after a stall in an exhibition while he goes out for lunch, or someone to help with moving a cupboard. All he has to do it post the task on the app or the website and we will connect him to someone who will do the job.

We charge this on an hourly basis and the service is currently available in Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore.

B2B Logistics

Small businesses and home vendors still have a huge issue when it comes to delivery and AD covers that too. The startup provides a seamless delivery system that actually makes life much easier for businesses. The AD vantage of using AD over the other Hyper Local logistics companies is that they provide, both a platform to hire freelancers for on-demand delivery and delivery service as well. (We provide the service and also the facility to hire your own staff and use the software for a fee.

The company now caters to approximately 1000 orders per day and this number increases on weekends. The service charges are based on the distance and the product. AD receives orders for tasks such as sending flowers and gifts to loved ones, delivering birthday cakes at midnight, running everyday errands such as getting photocopies of documents, getting a home appliance repaired, etc. Most of these orders are from college students, elderly people, office goers, and people who work in night shifts. Though the startup receives demands in many categories, the demand for food orders is the highest. Therefore, the startup has partnered with many restaurants.

The startup allows customers to place orders through their website and smartphone app. It also works with phone calls. The startup has a full-time staff and a fleet of 400 independent helpers. Police verification is done for all the partners.

They currently have a number businesses tied up with them and some of them are industry heavy weights like KFC, Pizza Hut, Wang’s Kitchen etc.

AD, the global Indian

The company has recently started their ops in Singapore and is seeing rapid progress and is planning to launch its Sri Lankan operations in January 2017. “It is a common platform and I see a lot of value for this service in developed countries and it is up to us to make use of it” says Darshan who has a Masters degree from Monash University Australia

The startup has mostly been bootstrapped and had received a seed investment from angel investors. AD does over 25,000 deliveries monthly and is the only Indian errands and delivery startup that has made it to international market in this field. AD has combined B2B logistics, on-demand errands delivery and bike-taxi system into one platform.

Darshan feels that the time is right for expansion and feels that they may need to raise funds to expand locally and internationaly.

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