Following the namaz controversy, different groups of people – claiming to be secular – have come under one umbrella called Sarva Khap Panchayat to counter various Hindu outfits.

The members said they will socially boycott forces responsible for communal violence in Gurugram.

“We will unanimously decide to organise a mahapanchayat in Jharsa village on May 27 and will identify those people responsible for communal tension in the district, and boycott them from the society,” said Mahender Singh Thakran, president of Sarva Khap Panchayat.

He said stopping Muslims from offering their namaz cannot be justified.
There should be other way to register objections by taking help of district administration and police.

“Members of various Hindu groups are forcibly stopping namaz and sloganeering which is actually disturbing the peace of the area. Gurugram has no history of communal violence,” Thakran further said.

The controversy started on April 20 when a bunch of youth disrupted a Friday namaz in Wazirabad village.

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