Bengaluru: Diabetics with the perpetual problem if fluctuating blood sugar level can now take recourse in herbal medicines. DiaMedica tablet, a polyherbal natural product, is claimed to offer protection against all side-effects of diabetes.

“In the English system, there is no medicine for diabetes and the biggest problem is the sugar level which can be controlled by taking these herbal tablets,” said Mr Rathnakar Kalasabail, Managing director, Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda Medicines (CARAM). The tablets control sugar and also stimulate the heart by providing it with oxygen, he claimed.

“As DiaMedica tablet is natural, it restores the physiological normalcy of our vital organs, and therefore does not cause sudden fall of blood glucose. They are safe and can be taken along with the medication recommended by other physicians,” he said.

Dr Gopala Krishna, Dean, PG studies, BMJ Ayurveda College, who has been instrumental in developing the medicine, said, “All the 36 herbs used in the tablet have been widely researched and the judicious combination targets naturopathy, cardiopathy, nephropathy retinopathy, neuropathy and micro and macrovascular complications. The formulation has been put through a wide range of modern line of evaluation. It has been observed that the tablet has satisfactory glycemic control.”

The recently launched tablets have been approved by the Ayush Registration Board and the Ayurvedic Drug Controller has also given the GMP certification. Dr Krishna said, “Ayurvedic medicines take a back seat because of affordability and accessibility. Also, not many ayurvedic physicians are practicing. The cost is higher as compared to modern medicine and these factors play an important role in people using herbal formulations for various ailments.”

Cost, dosage lesser The Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) recently released formulations for diabetes that contained only sugar controlling herbs which are also present in DiaMedica tablets.

With DiaMedica, the dependence on the chemical medicines can be reduced. While the dosage of other herbal formulations is 6-10 tablets per day, with DiaMedica, one can take only two tablets every day.

Diabetics spend thousands of rupees every month, but DiaMedica is the most economical brand for sugar control tablets in the country in its class and tablets cost Rs 475 for 45-day dosage.

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