Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar believes that the PCB could find itself in an embarrassing situation if it is unable to prove the spot-fixing allegations against Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif.

Akhtar said that he had a feeling that the head of the PCB Anti-Corruption Unit, Colonel Azam (retd) had acted hastily and committed a blunder in the whole scandal, which broke out when the two players were sent back home from the ongoing Pakistan Super League in Dubai.

I get a feeling that perhaps the ACU head overreacted and made a mistake by sending the players home. Shoaib Akhtar

The PCB suspended Sharjeel and Khalid under the anti-corruption code and since returning they have appeared thrice before the ACU head and the board’s legal experts in Lahore.

I don’t understand. If, like how the board has been saying, the evidence and material against the two is so strong, then why are they pleading not guilty and have decided to fight the case. Shoaib Akhtar

Lack of Evidence Could Be Embarrassing for PCB: Akhtar

The former fast bowler said that it was always difficult to prove match-fixing or spot-fixing allegations before any court of law or commission.

Akhtar said that even if the matter went to a commission or court, it could open a pandora’s box for Pakistan cricket.

“If this goes to court, I am afraid a pandora’s box will be opened and all the old cases and incidents will come out which will not be good for Pakistan cricket.”

Akhtar said that when Javed Miandad recently made allegations of fixing against Shahid Afridi on television, he tried to patch things up between them because he thought “old wounds and matters” would come out with regard to fixing if they went to court.

Akhtar claimed that from what he had heard, Sharjeel and Khalid were told to plead guilty by the ACU and legal advisors of the PCB in recent meetings.

“But from what I know the players refused and said they would fight the case. Which I think is their right.”

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