Hyderabad: Mahbubnagar, Hyderabad, Karimnagar and Khammam are the worst-polluted cities in Telangana state, according to a report released by Greenpeace India.

Mahbubnagar has surpassed even Hyderabad in pollution and stands first in the state list. The assessment of air pollution levels for cities in TS highlighted that concentrations of the respirable pollutant PM 10 in four cities where data was available from the Pollution Control Board, was higher than the annual average of 60 microgram per cubic metre area prescribed by NAAQS (National Ambient Air Quality Standards).
PM 10 concentration in Mahbubnagar, Hyderabad, Karimnagar and Khammam was respectively 108, 99, 65 and 60 microgram per cubic metre area in 2015.

The report stated that Gummeneni, et al., 2011 conducted a source apportionment study for Hyderabad and concluded that the “results of Chemical Mass Balance Model showed that the major source throughout the study period was re-suspended dust of 40 per cent for PM 10, and 31 per cent for PM 2.5”.

Dust contributed to 40 per cent of the pollution, vehicles contributed 22, combustion 12, industry 9, refuse pollution 9 while others 9 as far as PM 10 concentrations are concerned.

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