Shivaay is doing a lot to get Anika’s memory back. This time, he does which non one imagined. Shivaay gets a buffalo and cow dung at home, to make Anika recall how she has thrown the cow dung at his car. The buffalo runs around the house. The family gets shocked seeing the buffalo at home. Shakti, Dadi, Rudra and Priyanka support Shivaay. Shivaay asks the man to put the cow dung in front of Anika. Shivaay provokes Anika to throw the cow dung at him. Everyone cheer for Anika and ask her to throw the dung. Shivaay moves and gets saved by the dung. Shivaay gets hope that Anika got her memory and holds her. He asks Anika did she recall anything. Anika refuses to know him.Shivaay is recreating the old moments. Anika does not recall anything and instead criticizes his dirty move. Shivaay gets angry knowing all his efforts failed. Shivaay throws Anika in the pool and also enters the pool, trying to make her recall. Anika gets angry and scolds him. Shivaay is worried for her. Anika’s memory has to be restored. Shivaay wants to make more attempts, till he succeeds. Shivaay and Anika have similar moments like before. Shivaay gets emotional seeing Anika in pain and tries to express his feelings but Anika’s weird behaviour divert his mind. Anika’s memory loss will indirectly bring Shivaay closer to Anika as he is now completely restless by Anika’s ignorance.The talented actor Rahul will play the role Kali Thakur who is married to Thakurian Jhanvi played by Nidhi Uttam. Rahul’s character Kaali Thakur will fall in love with Gauri Sharma (Shrenu Parikh) and will keep a demand to marry her. Gauri will not agree for the marriage, however, her guardians will force her to marry Kali Thakur. Gauri will finally decide to run away from the wedding. Gauri will bump into Omkara who will help her out. Rahul’s role of Kaali Thakur is a negative but small one.Soon in the series to come viewers will get to witness shocking twist in storyline as Soumya will also revealed to be the enemy of Oberoi’s. It will be shown that Ashok who got brunt amis pooja will be none other than Soumya’s father. Soumya has also entered Oberoi mansion and Rudra’s life with revenge motive.
Dil Bole Oberoi which will focus on love stories of of Om-Gauri and Rudra-Soumya will start from 13 February 2017 at 10.30 PM, immediately after Ishqbaaz. Though Ishqbaaz will focus on Shivaay and Anika’s love story, the stories of both the show will be inter-related.

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