Popular tele serial actor Shobharaj Pavoor is all set to get married. The actor who is early 30’s is set to get married to Deepika on January 25. The marriage invitation is at it’s creative best.

The invitation is in inland letter format. Inland letter is hardly used nowadays with invention of mails. The marriage invitation has the photo of bride and groom as stamps.
Address of the wedding venue is also given on te front page on inland letter.

In the content of letter, Shobharaj says that he expects all to be fine and says that he is getting married to a girl called Deepika on Wednesday, January 25 at 9.45 am in Abhisheka Mantapa at Kadri. The reception will be held on same afternoon at Cordel Churc Hall at Kulshekar. He has requested everyone to come to his wedding even though it is a weekday and has asked them to come without getting disappointed over taking leave.

Shobraj has written that he wants blessing of the invitees and nothing else. He ends up saying that gifts whether it is old or noew notes will not be accepted.

The invitation proves the creativity which Shobharaj Pavoor has. He has made a big name in Tulu drama and is now doing wonders in acting field. He has also written teh script of upcoming Tulu film “Yesa”. Looking at the creative way his marriage invitation was, we can expect “Yesa” to be the next big hit.

Seeandsay.in wishes Sobharaj Pavoor and Deepika a happy married life!

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