Former sailor, Wijemuni Vijitha Rohana de Silva, known for attacking former PM Rajiv Gandhi during his 1987 Sri Lanka visit, has predicted the death of Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena by January 26 next year, said reports.

Wijemuni, who was jailed for attacking Rajiv on 30 July 1987, who has now become an astrologer, made this prediction on Facebook.

According to reports, Sri Lankan authorities are infuriated by Wijemuni’s prediction and have lodged a complaint against him. Lankan officials are of the opinion that this could be a part of a larger plot to assassinate the President.

Gandhi was in Colombo in July 1987 to sign the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord which led to the Indian Peace Keeping Force to be deployed in Sri Lanka to tackle the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. While Gandhi was inspecting the guard of honour at President’s House in Colombo, Wijemuni, who was part of the naval contingent, stepped forward and attempted to hit the former PM with his rifle butt.

Gandhi, however, managed to duck and missed the full brunt of the blow. Wijemuni was subsequently tried by a court martial and sentenced to six years in prison. Some two-and-a-half years later then president Premadasa granted Wijemuni a state pardon.

Wijemuni was supposedly enraged by India’s alleged support to the LTTE and interference in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.

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