Hyderabad: In close vicinity of Domulguda GHMC office, a pack of stray dogs attacked a three-year-old, ripping apart her face. The girl Bhavya has been hospitalised and is in a critical condition. The incident occurred on August 9.

Bhavya was being bathed by her mother, Lalitha, in a shed adjacent to her home, when the incident happened. It is unknown how the dogs entered the shed , however reportedly they attacked both the mother and Bhavya. The helpless mother tried to scare away the dogs, but failed. Lalitha saw with horror Bhavya’s little frame being dragged against the concrete with the dog sinking its teeth into her face.

Lalitha screamed, alerting neighbours and locals who rushed to her aid. The locals managed to chase away the dogs but the damage was done. Bhavya lay on the ground, her face had a long gash, the skin ripped apart by the dog’s teeth. Bhavya was rushed to Niloufer Hospital, where it was diagnosed witha severe head injury and was in a critical condition.

Balala Hakkula Sangham, Achyuta Rao, child activist stated, “Children are defenceless when it comes to protecting themselves from stray dogs. This menace has crossed all bounds as the dogs continue to attack kids causing grave fatal injuries,” Mr Rao said.

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