Thiruvananthapuram: The murder of Ananthu Gireesh, the youngster of Karmana, was inspired by the gangster film ‘KGF,’ a streaming on Amazon prime in Hindi, Telugu and Kannada. The killers used one of the dialogues in the film during the brutal murder: ‘One who comes in a group is a gangster and one who comes as a single is a monster.’ They also filmed the sequence of the torture before finally killing him.

Meanwhile, the police arrested Vipin, the remaining accused in the case. Those already arrested are Vishnuraj, 23, Vineesh Raj, 20, Vijayaraj, 18, (Kunjuvava), Sarath, 24, Harilal, 23, Akhil, 21, and Aneesh, 24. They have been charged with murder, kidnap, conspiracy and attempt to destroy evidence.

Ananthu was killed in retaliation for the attack on the gang at the Konjiravila temple. Siblings Vishnuraj, Vineeshraj and Vijayaraj had plotted the murder after Ananthu thrashed Kunjuvava.

All the three were addicted to drugs. Elder brother Vishnuraj cut Ananthu’s veins.

Later, Ananthu was thrashed with coconut. The brothers, who had gone underground immediately after the incident, were arrested from Poovar.

The relatives of Ananthu blamed the police for the incident. Though the police were on the lookout for Anandhu from 3 p.m. on Tuesday, they could not trace him. The body was found in the bushes in the vacant plot of BSNL regional training centre near a bike showroom near Kaimanam on the Karamana-Kaliyikkavila stretch of the national highway

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