A day after Tamil Nadu state law minister warned legal action against the movie Sarkar, a tweet by Sun Pictures that Chennai police was going to arrest AR Murugadoss, the director of the movie, late on Thursday, 8 November, created panic. However, when The News Minute contacted the police for information, they denied any such action from their end.

Speaking to TNM, T-Nagar DCP said that regular patrol officers posted in the area were on their regular beat movement.

The news about the prospective arrest was first put out by the official Twitter handle of Sun Pictures, which is the producer of Sarkar .

Sarkar: Brutal Reality of TN Politics in a Mass Entertainer

The tweet came at the end of a day filled with protests across the state staged by the ruling AIADMK which sought the removal of certain controversial scenes from the film.

A source with Sun Pictures insisted that the police had gone to Murugadoss’ house asking for him and that the intention was to arrest the director.

But a senior police officer denied this and said that there was no question of arrest as there is no FIR against the director. He added that the police wanted to check the security measures at the director’s residence.

Director Murugadoss tweeted around midnight that the police had knocked on his door several times, and thereby effectively questioning the police’s assertion that only police personnel on beat duty were in the area.

Superstar Rajinikanth too weighed in on the controversy and condemned the vandalism over the film.

Ministers Warn Action Against the Screening of the Film

The Information and Publicity Minister as well as the Law Minister of Tamil Nadu on Wednesday warned action against the screening of Sarkar that is currently running to packed screens across theatres in the state.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Minister Kadambur Raju said, “People will not accept these political motives.”

While rightly conceding that there was no relationship between the state government and the Central Board of Film Certification, Raju, however, said:

Of Vijay, an actor who has been in the Tamil film industry for nearly three decades, Raju said, “It is not good for an upcoming actor like Vijay.”

‘Sarkar’: Is Thalapathy Vijay Taking the Political Route?

Speaking to TNM, Law Minister CV Shanmugam said that he was merely expressing his person opinion on the film.

The Minister added that he would convey his views to the government, if his opinion was sought on the matter.

“Adding to this, Tamil news channels had also convened prime time debates on the topic, making it a big criticism of us. But even the DMK has given out freebies,” said one senior party member, explaining why the ministers were rattled.

The launch of the film in the city in October this year had also fuelled speculation of Vijay’s political entry with the actor making an unusually political speech.

When asked if he had plans to become chief minister in real life, the actor had said, “If I become the chief minister, then I won’t just act like one, but will do my job with sincerity.”

(This was originally published on The News Minute.)

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