Bengaluru:Amid conflicting reports that the Opposition BJP is trying to topple his four-month-old coalition by luring Congress legislators to its side, Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy on Friday took the battle to the saffron camp claiming that ‘lottery kingpins and a coffee planter from Chikkamagaluru’ are involved in the attempts to destabilise his government.

Without corroborating his claims with any evidence, Mr Kumaraswamy charged, ‘I know who set fire to BBMP files in 2009. They are the kingpins behind the efforts to make this government unstable.
Those involved in lottery business have joined hands with these people (involved in the burning of BBMP files). A coffee planter who shot his kid and who is in jail, is also involved in the destabilising efforts.’ The CM made it clear that he would not sit quiet and would face up to those trying to unseat the JD(S)-Congress coalition.

“I know who is behind this and what is happening where. They are trying to woo Congress legislators. If the MLAs do not yield (to their pressure), they are coercing them. I have already initiated legal measures to contain this.” When asked about his statement a couple of days ago that some BJP MLAs were in touch with him, Mr Kumaraswamy he said he was in touch with MLAs with whom he had a decade- long association.

“They are not from the Mysuru region. I did not make the first move to approach them. If the BJP makes any attempt to destabilise our government, we will play our part,” he warned. Asked about the Jarkiholi brothers who have kept the discontent in the Congress simmering by opposing the interference of Water Resources Minister D.K. Shivakumar in Belagavi affairs, the CM said the brothers were in touch with him.

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