It is that time of the year when Apple announces new iPhones and people from all over the world express their desire to own one.

Apple Inc announced not one but three new iphones – iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR on 12 September, at its product launch event at the Steve Jobs Theater in California.

No other phone launch gives people a heartburn or a bleak reminder of their ‘poverty’ like the Apple iPhone launch does.

Here’s how Twitter collectively cried tears of joy and sadness as Tim Cook set the ball rolling.

No Calm Before the Storm

Even before the event began, Twitter was abuzz with what to expect from the launch.

And the Price Shocker

Like always, people on Twitter expressed their shock at the iPhone prices and tweeted about how they “cannot afford one.”

However, people also questioned how different were the new iPhones as compared to the already expensive iPhone 8.

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