Ukrainian Actress Catherine Keen To Work in Indian Films

Popular Ukrainian actress Catherine Tyszkiewicz, who plays Irina in TV show “Snowdrop”, says she is open to acting in an Indian film.

Tyszkiewicz saw Indian actress Tena Desae’s work in US drama series “Sense8” and feels she is a “beautiful and a talented actress”.

“Recently I have watched a great television show called ‘Sense8’ where Tena Desae is the main lead. I don’t know how popular she is in India, but I would definitely say that she is an absolutely beautiful and a talented actress,” Tyszkiewicz said in a statement.

“Another film which is very popular in Ukraine is ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, where Dev Patel and Freida Pinto were the main leads. Of course, I would be open to act in an Indian film, if we were offered the opportunity,” she added.

“Snowdrop” revolves around Nadya, an innocent, good-hearted and hard working girl, who gets wrongly framed for an accident. A Hindi dubbed version of the show is aired in India on Zindagi.



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