Vidya Balan is on a promotional spree for her movie, Tumhari Sulu which releases on 17 th November. The talented actress gave an interview to a news agency and opened up about work-life balance.

She said, “I have seen great stardom. I enjoy the perks that come with stardom. But, finally at the end of the day, acting is a job, which I try and do in the best way possible. I am a private person when it comes to people in my life. Siddharth (Roy Kapur, husband), he is not an actor. I will not talk about him the way I will talk about myself. I need to respect his right to privacy.
Similarly, my family, they are not actors, they have not put themselves out in the public.”

She also said that she is taking things slow now, “I like taking time. It has been nine years. First two years I was doing crazy amount of work, but 2008 onwards things started changing. I realised I must only do things that I am fully convinced about and more than that I want to live my life,” Vidya said.

“I don’t want to live only for films. I have a life beyond them. I don’t like stepping out much. I like to be in my space when I am not shooting. I don’t feel it is necessary also to make public appearances. I still don’t go out on Sunday. Living life off the camera is very important for me as I use those experiences to portray my characters,” added Vidya.

Vidya said that she now faces a different type of struggle. “Struggle is a part of life. Initially the struggle was, may be I will never be an actor or I will die a frustrated actor. But today the struggles are very public. Anything I do goes public. Now I have this pressure. Now my hits and flops are public. But still the struggle now is far better than what it was initially. At least, I am living my dream. I have matured with the experience.

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