Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee claims to stand by poor and helps them in all possible ways but a thirsty villager had to stop her convoy to get himself heard.

Struggling with water crisis and not being heard at panchayat or district, Rajen Roy, a senior citizen stopped Chief Ministers convoy in Cooch Behar.

The Chief Minister was on her way to an administrative meeting in the Chengrabandh of Cooch Behar from Jalpaiguri when she was interrupted by Rajen. He entered the convoy and gave a memorandum to Mamata Banerjee which she accepted.”I’m from Paharpur area and we are having water crisis for so long.
I am just a farmer and I do not have money to buy water like rich people. Earlier I have complained too many people like Monorobi Banerjee. We’ve complained to Panchayat too but they did nothing but providing us water wells. The dirty water of well is not healthy for us. Rahena Bibi was the Panchayat Pradhan then,” he further added. The incident also raises serious questions about the security measures taken for the safety of the Chief Minister.The old man, Rajen Roy said, “I told Didi that we want to see you as the Prime Minister of this country after the election of 2019 but we urgently want a PEC in the Paharpur area in booth No.18/221. We really need proper water supply in our booth as we are having a serious water crisis. I told Didi and she said that she will try. I have given her a letter regarding this.”

(With inputs from Rajen Pradhan)

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