Popular Punjabi singer Gurdas Maan’s son Gurikk Maan is in the news for wrong reasons. Some videos have appeared online claiming that Gurikk along with two other Indian men were beaten up at a metro station in Hong Kong.

It is seen in the videos that three men are beaten up black and blue by a crowd, after they engaged in a verbal fight. It is being alleged that one of the three men is Gurdas Maan’s son Gurikk.

Apparently, one of the three men first raised his hand on one person in the other group, following which the trio were badly beaten up by them. The videos have gone viral with the captions saying that the Punjabi’s singer’s son was beaten up in Hong Kong.
The three men are also heard hurling slangs in Punjabi.

However, Gurdas Maan, a few hours back, took to Twitter and denied the rumours. The singer said that it was false news. “People who sharing fake videos claiming my son @gurickkgmaan was engaged in a fight in Hong Kong please read the facts,” he tweeted.

Even Gurikk shared the same tweet and said, “Haha such is life @gurdasmaan but my heart goes out to all those involved in the incident #godbless the world #LetThereBePeace.”

In other news, Gurdas came up with his latest song titled, Punjab, highlighting various social issues like drug abuse in the state. The singer has been receiving applause for the song. Check the video in which the three men are beaten in Hong Kong:

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