Those who have watched the adorable 2010 Disney movie, Tangled, will recall that the movie ended with Rapunzel’s long locks being cut into a bob haircut and the castle preparing for her wedding. However, it looks like Rapunzel’s long hair returns after an adventurous night into the woods.

The sequel to the hit animated movie, Tangled, titled Tangled: Before Ever, is set to bring Rapunzel and her prince charming, Flynn, back to the screen to tell the tale of the return of her long luscious hair.

Disney’s favourite princess, voiced by Mandy Moore, will be seen returning to the screen with the original cast of Tangled.
In the new trailer released, the story shows Rapunzel and the love of her life, Flynn, back in the castle embarking on new adventures together.

In the trailer, viewers find out that one unforgettable night changes Rapunzel we know again. The night transforms the bob haircut princess into “70 feet of my father is going to kill me” hair growing back, eventually leading to newer problems created for her. Despite all efforts, her golden locks refuse to cut. On seeing her long locks, Flynn flips. “I won’t ask how it grew back, I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation. I’m sure you’ll share it when you’re ready!” he says in the trailer. We are sure too that there will be an adventurous explanation.

Apart from our favourite characters like Maximus and Pascal, viewers will get to see new characters introduced with one of them being Cassandra, voiced by Broadway star Eden Espinosa.

Tangled: Before Ever After is an authentic Disney Channel Original Movie. The sequel will be the first movie animated DCOM to be launched on the network, Entertainment Weekly reports.

And if you are not excited enough about the movie, Disney channel is creating an entire TV series based on the movie, Tangled. Both the productions are set to premiere in March this year.

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