Those who were on Wall Street saw an unusual sight of a little girl standing up to the iconic ‘Charging Bull.’ The Fearless Girl statue was installed on Tuesday by the State Global Advisors of the asset-manager’s campaign to increase the number of women on their clients, CNN reported.

The statue was installed as a call to increase gender diversity in the boardroom on International Women’s Day. Fearless girl is meant to send a message about workplace gender diversity and encourage companies to recruit women to their boards, according to Wikipedia.

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Fearless girl is a bronze sculpture of a defiant girl by Kristen Visbal. It was installed in the Bowling Green, in Manhattan across the Charging Bull leading up to International Women’s Day.

The Boston-based State Street Corporation installed the statue. The firm said that they wanted to make a point as there is a dearth of women on board of large US corporations.

The work by Kristen Visbal drew several tourists. The head of the girl is held high and her hands are firmly placed on her waist. The girl appears to be staring down the Charging Bull.

There is a plaque placed at the feet of the Fearless Girl. The plaque states, ‘Know the power of the women in leadership. SHE makes a difference, the plaque also reads.

The Charging Bull, a guerrilla art piece was placed in the Bowling Green Park in 1989. It is a symbol of American’s resiliency in the face of the 1987 stock market crash. The city was granted permission for the piece to remain permanently on Wall Street.

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