Dangal ‘s success bash was star-studded, many actors who don’t come out for parties stepped out of their home for this success party. Veteran actress Rekha who was also there at the party had brought a special gift for Aamir which left him in tears.

The Aamir Khan starrer received a huge round of applause for its amazing performances by the star cast and beautiful story.

Rekha who doesn’t go to parties much came out to give Aamir a special present. Rekha brought a hand written letter for Aamir as she was touched watching the movie.

Aamir read the letter in the party and was moved with all the things the veteran actress wrote for him.
Sources present in the part said, “Aamir was overwhelmed reading the letter, and was in tears. He said he will always keep the letter with him as not just the movie but this letter also holds a special place in his heart, as she especially came to the party to tell him how special the movie was to her.”

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